Art Exhibit Policy

The Purpose:

The Leverett Library welcomes local community groups, artists, and the public to exhibit their work in the Library Community Room. The Library provides space for exhibits that support the mission of the Library by providing the community with recreational, cultural, informational, and educational opportunities. The Library seeks to exhibit works that represent the diversity of our community, a wide range of artistic styles, and a broad spectrum of viewpoints. The Library does not endorse any specific beliefs or viewpoints, which may be the subject of the exhibits.

The space: The Community Room is 630 square feet, has 39 linear feet of available wall space with a chair rail at three (3) feet from the floor, and picture rail molding at seven (7) feet from the floor. This leaves 44 inches of vertical space for hanging. No works may be displayed on tables or on the floor. Artists should hang work with a maximum horizontal dimension of 50 inches because windows break up the wall space. The space will accommodate approximately 20-24 pieces depending on whether work is hung one above the other and larger work can be hung in the hallway leading into the Community Room.

Scheduling: Applications may be submitted at any time. Exhibits are normally scheduled for two months.

Installation and removal: The artist is responsible for installing and removing the exhibit at an agreed-upon time when the library is open and the community room is not in use. A state-of-the-art hanging system allows for quick hanging of framed artwork, and no additional tools are needed. No nails, thumbtacks, adhesives, or tape may be used directly on the walls. We suggest numbering work and displaying an information/price sheet.

Sales and Fees: There is no charge for the use of the space. Artists who wish to sell work should prepare a price list with contact information. Potential buyers will contact the artist directly. If works are sold, a donation of 10% of the proceeds to the Library is suggested.

Publicity: It is the artist’s responsibility to publicize art exhibits, send out announcements/invitations and/or provide an opening reception at their own expense. Talk to the library staff about scheduling an event.

Waiver: The Town of Leverett, the Trustees of the Leverett Library, and the members of the Leverett Library Art Exhibit Committee are not responsible for the safety and care of works on display. Because the Community Room is not staffed, there is a risk in showing small pieces or in hanging artwork in the entry hallway.

Limitations: The Community Room is used regularly for meetings by people of all ages, including young children. Displays should be “family-friendly.” The library reserves the right to remove any works judged to be inconsistent with family viewing.

Adopted: November 4, 2009; reviewed 12/14/11, 6/6/14, 5/9/18, 12/14/22

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