Chemistry Kits

Our Passport to Chemistry Kits come with the supplies you need for a few experiments and detailed instructions and explanations of the science. They are divided into two age groups: K-2 and 3-6. To request a kit, email

We have kits on the following subjects:

  • Light (K-2)
  • Chromatography (K-2)
  • Chemisty in the Kitchen (K-2)
  • Atoms and Matter (K-2)
  • Combustion (K-2)
  • Chemical ID (K-2)
  • Liquid Crystals (3-6)
  • Biochemistry (3-6)
  • Environmental Chemistry (3-6)
  • Luminescence (3-6)
  • Chemistry in the Kitchen (3-6)
  • Polymers (3-6)
  • Chromatography (3-6)
  • Light and Sound (3-6)

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